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Marble Handicrafts in Makrana Taj Mahal Marble

Mumtaz Gallery is specialized in Taj Mahal Makrana marble, and in the hand-carving of marble products in solid marble blocks using craftsmanship passed on from generations from the time of the Mughal Era.

The Founder of Mumtaz Gallery is Makhmoor Ali Choudhri, who learnt the marble craftsmanship from his Late father Mumtaz Ali Choudhri, who learnt his skills from the pioneer himself Late Shaukat Ali Choudhri who actually made the base and gave the platform for further generations to learn and succeed in the Art of marble carving on solid marble blocks.

Some of the prominent projects taken by this family has been the 20 years of relationship with the Bohra community who got most of their Roza projects/mausoleum completed in Mumbai, Jamnagar and other cities in India from the late Shaukat Ali Choudhri who are based in Makrana City,  in District Nagaur in Rajasthan state in India.

Having their own Quarry’s which produce all the five varieties of Makrana marble The Makrana white, Albeta Marble, Dungri, Makrana Pink, and the kumari.

The Choudhri family also has its own hotel in Makrana in the name of Hotel Hayatt, which is located on the main bye pass road , opp Modi Masjid. The hotel got its humble starting as a guest house for its clients and then later it was turned into a professional hotel to serve the in coming flow of clients to Makrana as there are only 3 prominent hotels in Makrana as of now.


Our Products

taj mahal

MAKRANA MARBLE was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal, in Agra city in India.

There are 5 varieties in Makrana marble. Makrana White, Albeta, Makrana Dhongri, Makrana Pink and Kumari.

Makrana marble is available in Slabs and tiles having a thickness of 15 to 18 mm.

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Marble Gazebo

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Waterfall Gazebo

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Marble Fountain


handmade marble carpets for flooring


Marble Bed


Jaalis in solid marble


Flower Pots


Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art

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Masjid Decor

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Making an Impact across the Globe

Mumtaz Gallery has been crafting and customizing products from basic designing and then hand crafting Gazebos, Fountains, Inlay Floorings, marble wall panels, Mehrab and Qiblas in Masjid and designing lavish majlis/living areas.


Read what our Clients have to say who are well known names in the Arab World.

Professional Company, Delivered on time and best hand craftsmanship. The waterfall Gazebo made in Sandstone is one of its kind. 

Mr Shamsi. UAE


Professional Team, Delivered as promised in terms of service, craftsmanship, and quality of Makrana White Marble is the best in the world, which was used in making the Taj Mahal in India.

Sheikh Haitham, Kalba Sharjah.


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Hotel Hayatt. Makrana. District Nagaur.Rajasthan.341505

Hotel Hayatt. Makrana. District Nagaur.Rajasthan.341505


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