Dhongri Marble

Dhongri marble is one of the most widely used marble from all makrana marbles because of its low pricing, book matching look, which is mostly found in expensive Italian marble which is around 800 Rs sqft, and also because of its soft texture having a beautiful white base with grey veins.

Dhongri is pure marble having 98% calcium and 2% other properties, whereas other marbles have 90% iron and around 2% calcium. The benefits of calcium composition are that it stays cooler, does not change its color even when it is underwater as Makrana marble is already quarried from below the ground.

It does not get stained easily as other marbles in India or around the world from Pepsi, food stains, or excess moisture.

Because of its high calcium compositions, it does change its color to yellow or start getting porous over time.


Dhungri slabs

dhungri slabs

Dhungri Slabs

Dhongri Marble

Dhongri slabs are recognized by its white base and having grey and black veins on its surface.

Dhungri marble can be used to make beautiful fireplaces, fountains, gazebo, and also for wall cladding and is exclusively also used for book matching designs on the flooring.


Dhungri tiles available in sizes 1'x1' to 24'x24'


Dhungri tiles

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Fountain from Dhungri Marble

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We specialize in all kinds of Taj Mahal marble and stone handicrafts using techniques passed on from generations from the time of the Mughal era.


Taj Mahal White Marble Gazebo


Waterfall Gazebo


Taj Mahal White Marble Fountain

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Marble Inlay Carpets

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Taj Mahal White Marble Bed

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Jaalis in solid marble

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Marble Landscape Flower Pots

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Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art




Masjid Decor

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