Garden Pots and Vases

Made in Solid marble

Garden Pots 

Mumtaz Gallery Offers you a complete choice of Outdoor and Indoor marble Pots which are hand carved in solid marble. We have our regular designed Garden Pots, Tulsi Marble Pot, and Marble Planters, and we can also customize and manufacture as per the given requirement.

Marble Vases

Marble Vases are mostly used indoor and we at Mumtaz Gallery offer all kinds of marble vases in different shapes and sizes and also in different quality of marble such as Makrana white, Albeta, Makrana Pink, Dungri and Kumari marble. All the marble vases are hand-carved in solid makrana marble.

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Outdoor marble pots
Outdoor marble pots
Marble Vases

Our Products

We specialize in all kinds of Taj Mahal marble and stone handicrafts using techniques passed on from generations from the time of the Mughal era.


Taj Mahal White Marble Gazebo


Waterfall Gazebo


Taj Mahal White Marble Fountain

23 Copy

Marble Inlay Carpets

4 Copy 1

Taj Mahal White Marble Bed

26 Copy

Jaalis in solid marble

22 Copy

Marble Landscape Flower Pots

17 Copy

Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art




Masjid Decor

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