handmade  marble carpet

Hand made marble carpet in Inlay Art using marble Inlay and also semi-precious stones is a rare Art and we at Mumtaz Gallery have been manufacturing marble carpets for nearly 20 years.

Mumtaz Gallery has a wide variety of hand made marble flooring Designs as we have our own Artisans and Designers who regularly update new designs and concepts.

Types of handmade Marble carpet


Hand made Marble carpets are of two types.

1. Marble See-through Inlay.

This process involves using different types of colored marble to create flowers and motifs, but instead of just inlaying it the base marble is cut through completely as per the flower and motif design, and the colored marble is placed in that cut through the gap. as seen in Model Nos MCF001

As such one marble carpet of 4 meters, x 4 meters has around 100s’s of individual pieces, which are numbered at the back and then installed on the actual site by joining them as per their nos, and eventually, u have a complete carpet.

Once installed on the site the carpet needs to be re-polished though all the marble pieces are already polished, it is to remove any marginal fixing errors which must have raised in the floor level of the carpet which may be unbalanced by 1 or 2 Millimeter.


2. Handmade marble carpet by Inlay Art.

The second type of marble carpet is through the process of inlay art, which involves the use of semi-precious stones rather than using colored marble, and the designs created in the marble base are more intricate, minute and detailed to the millimeter.

We at Mumtaz Gallery have also designed and manufactured inlay flooring In the form of carpets in different fixed sizes and we also do custom designs as per your majlis or any room size.

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Our Products

We specialize in all kinds of Taj Mahal marble and stone handicrafts using techniques passed on from generations from the time of the Mughal era.


Taj Mahal White Marble Gazebo


Waterfall Gazebo


Taj Mahal White Marble Fountain

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Marble Inlay Carpets

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Taj Mahal White Marble Bed

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Jaalis in solid marble

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Marble Landscape Flower Pots

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Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art




Masjid Decor

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