Kumari marble

Kumari Marble is another variety in makrana marble, which means it has the same properties of makrana marble, but it is cheaper than the other makrana marbles-like Makrana white, Albeta, Pink and Dhungri marble.

Kumari marble has a white base like other makrana marbles, but the texture is more greyish and has veins on its surface which are black and grey in color.

Kumari Marble is also good for book matching flooring as it has a white base with black, grey, and dark grey veins on its surface, which when connected gives you a matching or reflection effect.


Kumari marble Sizes

Kumari marble comes in  Blocks, Slabs and Tiles. 

Slabs sizes start from 4 feet x 4 feet to 8 feet x 6 feet.

Tiles sizes are from 1 feet x 1 feet to 2 feet x 2 feet.

kumari marble book matching square

Usage of Kumari marble

Makrana kumari can be used externally and internally. For external use it can be used to wall clad complete facades, or also for external flooring uses, such as for for pavements, swimming pools areas, outdoor staircase, and also to have monuments or for marble handicrafts such as Pots, Vases, and statues.

kumari flooring with border
makrana marble fountains 500x500 1
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