Marble Landscape Products

Mumtaz Gallery manufactures all kinds of Marble Landscape Products such as Marble Pots and Vases, Fountains, Marble Gazebo marble stand, marble columns, and outdoor marble dining tables.

Types of marble landscape products

marble vases | marble pots

Outdoor marble pots

We at Mumtaz Gallery manufacture large sizes marble pots and Vases up to 2 metres in height, and vase head having 80cm of diameter. Most of these big Vases are manufactured in three parts, the base, the central body and the head. All of them when attached to each other give you a magnificent and breathtaking Vases which stand 2 metres in height and look grand and welcoming at the entrances of any kind of home, hotel or farmhouse. 

All the marble landscape Vases are carved out from solid marble. The major marble that is used in the manufacturing of these vases is the kumari marble.

Outdoor marble pots


All kinds of marble and sandstones fountains are manufactured at the carving factory of Mumtaz gallery in Makrana, Rajasthan. India.

Fountains from two tiers to 3 tiers to four tiers all are available with standalone and with basins are available.


outdoor dining table

This outdoor dining table made from Taj Mahal white makrana marble with inlay art is one of the rare landscape products available in the market as of now.

This beautiful landscape dining is ideally suited for outdoors as rain, moisture, or the heat would have no effect on this white makrana marble and it has zero maintenance.

Using this marble and sandstone many other outdoor tables and benches can be manufactured which are ideally suited for outdoors.

ourdoor dining table
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