Masjid Decoration | Masjid Interiors

Masjid Decoration in marble is one of the specializations of Mumtaz Gallery.

Mumtaz Gallery has already worked for projects like the Grand Mosque ( Sheikh Zayed Mosque ) in Abu Dhabi.

The pioneers of Mumtaz Gallery  have also worked and completed projects for the Bora Community. Some of the projects are

1. The Raudet Tahera in Mumbai.

2. The Bohra Hajira in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and many more.

All kinds of Masjid Interior and exterior work is done at our Carving Factory.

Designing beautiful exterior facades in solid marble or just tile layouts with beautiful border layouts, to carving out beautiful jaalis in solid marble, and most important carving out beautiful mihrab and mimbars, which are the essential part of any Masjid.

All of the above works can be done from any of the different makrana marble qualities. White Marble, Albeta Marble, Dhongri marble, Makrana Pink Marble, or the Budget Kumari marble.

IMG 20170927 WA0085


We do custom designs on every type of mehrab requirement

IMG 20170927 WA0094


Inlay calligraphy to solid embossed calligaraphy is available as per custom order.

shk zayed mosque


Dome of Solid marble or just tiles can be used as per custom design

IMG 20170927 WA0069


Mimbar of all sizes and shapes are available with different carving.


Marble Jalis

We do custom designs on every type of mehrab requirement


Dome and Pillars

We do custom designs on every type of Pillar or Dome requirement

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