Mother of pearl (mop)

Mother of Pearl or (MOP) in short is a very old art which goes back to the Mughal Era where Mother of Pearl was used in Inlay Art or Pietra Dura Art. 


The use of Mother of Pearl or MOP through Inlay Art or by Overlay is an Art brought to India 600 years back by the Mughal Dynasty and was used in many monuments and Palaces to give a feel of Luxury and tranquility.

Mother of Pearl can be used to overlay complete walls such as in the picture on even just to emboss any kind of calligraphy.

Other uses can be to have to your vases, washbasin, dining tables all overlayed with the mother of Pearl.

Mumtaz Gallery takes great pride in mastering the use of mother of pearl to humbly bring out beautiful interiors for its clients.

Clients can be assured that we use the best Mother of Pearl available and the craftsman that would be working on their projects have craftsmanship that has been passed on to them over generations in their family.


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Mother of Pearl can be used to clad your complete wall, or your dining table or furniture. The usage is limitless as long as the desire to achieve the impossible is there.

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Mother of Pearl On Art Pieces

The use of mother of pearl can be on vast places such as overlaying Art pieces or just having a complete vase covered with MOP.

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We specialize in all kinds of Taj Mahal marble and stone handicrafts using techniques passed on from generations from the time of the Mughal era.


Taj Mahal White Marble Gazebo


Waterfall Gazebo


Taj Mahal White Marble Fountain

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Marble Inlay Carpets

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Taj Mahal White Marble Bed

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Jaalis in solid marble

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Marble Landscape Flower Pots

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Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art




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