Our Products

Mumtaz Gallery has a wide variety of products that are possible in marble, granite, sandstone, or limestone.

But our specialty is making all our products from the Taj Mahal white marble, which is only found in Makrana city, from where the Taj Mahal in Agra city got its marble from.

The range of products that we manufacture are; Marble Gazebo, Sandstone gazebo, Waterfall Gazebo, Marble fountains, Sandstone fountains, Granite fountains, Marble flooring using the Inlay method, Marble Beds, Marble Dining Table, Marble center table, Marble stands, Landscape Marble products, Marble Vases, Marble pots, and Handcarved marble wall panels.

Our Main specialty also involves using Mughal Architecture which is 400 years old Art in designing and then carving out designs on solid marble blocks to create beautiful  Marble Calligraphy,  of which our famous product is the 99 names of Allah SWT completely carved on 30cm * 30cm square white marble.

We also do custom designing of the Masjid mimbar, Masjid Mehrab, and doing complete marble interior as per the budget and the time available to handover the hand-carved masterpieces in Makrana white marble.


Taj Mahal White Marble Gazebo


Waterfall Gazebo


Taj Mahal White Marble Fountain

23 Copy

Marble Inlay Carpets

4 Copy 1

Taj Mahal White Marble Bed

26 Copy

Jaalis in solid marble

22 Copy

Marble Landscape Flower Pots

17 Copy

Hand Carved Marble Panels


Pietra Dura Inlay Art




Masjid Decor

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