Sandstone Gazebo1

Sandstone Gazebos have always been a symbol of wealth, power, and grandeur and were first introduced centuries back in India by the Indian kings.

The Gazebos designed and crafted were mostly open closed in style, and were mostly used as small courtyards, even as a place of worship, and even for the stationing of the royal guards around the palace.

Then came the Mughals who gave us the Taj Mahal in pure white makrana marble, quarried from Makrana city in India. And along came their beautiful Gazebos, which adorned their beautiful landscaped gardens. The Mughals had open Gazebos, Closed Gazebos, and even close gated Gazebos.

Sandstone come in many colours from Red, Cream, Teakwood, and Brown.

red sandstone gazebo white sandstone 1 1
sandstone gazebo
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